Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ronaldo is being investigated for a tax evasion

There is another big scandal involving tax evasion in Spain. This time the target is the Portuguese goal machine of Real Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo.
The player will be investigated for fraud in the period between 2011 and 2013, the press reported. The amount is 8 million and the Spanish Court had not yet decided how to address the situation. Ronaldo himself defended himself that everything is a matter of an administrative error.
At the same time, the Prosecutor`s Office in charge raised waiting as the cunning Portuguese and his men tried to plaster the situation prior to the commencement of any investigation. In 2014, he was able to declare his tax reports on time which can save him from more serious sanctions.
If, however, Cristiano, he will be forced to pay the full amount of the taxes plus additional fines. It is possible that the Portuguese national will convicted and for one year in prison, four months for each of the investigated year. However, he is not going to lie behind bars because according to the Spanish legislation in case of the first offense and a sentence for under 24 months, it becomes suspended.
Similarly, the star of Barcelona Leo Messi was not put into prison.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Inter is able to buy Ronaldo

The new Chinese owners of Inter by Suning have the financial power to afford to buy the superstar of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. That was said by the Sorting Director of the Nerazzurri Piero Ausilio. He stressed, however, that it is not going to happen because at the Giuseppe Meazza they have problems with UEFA`s financial fair play and are placed under monitoring.
`Every day I read who we need to buy, but the truth is that we have to comply with certain parameters. Our revenues were 200-300 million euros and Juventus, who regularly take part in the Champions League, have 400 million euros. In Turin, they have a great managerial vision after taking them out of the top flight in 2006. They built their own stadium and gradually raise the funds for salaries. That makes the difference with the other Italian clubs. The best players want to be there, to earn much and play in the Champions League.`, Ausilio said.
`We wanted to pick mentioned by sport-tips Paulo Dybala, but there was 20 million euros difference with the offer of Juventus and in the end, he went there. Now it is impossible to spend 200 or 300 million euros for transfers. The new Chinese owners could safely buy Cristiano Ronaldo, but the truth is, it is not going to happen because of UEFA`s financial fair play.`, added the boss of Inter.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ross Barkley has one week to decide about his future

The midfielder of Everton Ross Barkley has another week to decide whether he will extend his contract with the club or not, according to the manager Ronald Koeman.
He has another year of his contract and before long the Dutchman revealed that if he did not renew it, then the Englishman will be sold.
The Spurs and other clubs are following the situation around him and it seems that many will soon be clear whether Barkley would leave or will continue to play the at the Goodison Park.
`He has got one more week to decide. The management tries to convince him to stay with us for a long time. Now he has to give an answer because we don`t want to wait until August, so we know what it is going to be his future. It is necessary to have the answer whether he would accept a new contract and if not then we are looking for a player at his place.`, said Koeman.
`After he has not yet decided what to do, there are variations. My desire is to work with players who want to be here. I don`t know what will happen. He just has to take a decision.`, added the Dutchman, who can be deprived of the services of Romelu Lukaku.
`It is not hard to work with him. He knows what needs to be improved and still could have done it. I also try to help him in some aspects. I am talking about the future, he still has a contract for another two years and we will see what happens.`, said the coach.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Messi has scored more goals than Ronaldo in the Champions League

The Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo now has 103 goals in Champions League and is the undisputed No 1 on this indicator.
However, the Portuguese player has scored hits in 138 matches and while it improved the efficiency (0.74 goals per game) after the two consecutive hat tricks in the tournament, he is behind on this indicator in comparison with his biggest competitor, Lionel Messi.
The Argentinian and Barcelona dropped out by Juventus in the quarterfinals, but Leo scored an average of 0.81 goals per game in the tournament of the rich. In addition, the five-term winner of the Golden Ball has won more trophies than Ronaldo - Messi has had 4 and Cristiano 3.
With the team of Real Madrid, however, Cristiano has been more than impressive in the race: 88 goals in only 86 games, making an average of 1.02 goals per match.
Ronaldo can overtake Leo by a number of hits scored in the Champions League that season. Messi finished with 11, but the ace of the White Ballet is just a goal behind it.