Friday, December 16, 2016

Ancelotti: `I prefer to win the Champions League instead of the Bundesliga.`

The Bayern Munich`s coach Carlo Ancelotti admitted he`d rather win the Champions League with the the Bavarians, instead of title in the Bundesliga.The comment of the Italian is something new for a mentor or as a manager of FC Bayern, because so far `the silver gravy boat` has always been objective 1.
After they have made a total domination in Germany (four consecutive titles), however, Bayern Munich is again experiencing a huge hunger for the trophy in the Champions League, dropping out in the semifinals three years in a row in the race.
`Personally, I prefer to win the Champions League, instead of the title in the tournament. The management prefers the title, because he knows that in the Champions League is very difficult. Bayern Munich reached the semi-finals three times in a row and I want us to reach at least that stage this season. I hope we will triumph in the tournament. Or at least to play in the final.`, said Ancelotti.
`By the time our team is performing well, but there is where to improve. The time is upon us. The key point of the season is the period between February and April. We must prepare for that stage of the campaign. The atmosphere at Bayern is fantastic, it is a family. It`s like I`m back in Milan. Former players of the club adviced by sport tips were able to create great stability.`, added Ancelotti.

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