Friday, November 18, 2016

Messi with a gesture to employees in need

The big Argentina and Barcelona star Leo Messi has shown that, in addition to a great football player and a great man. He has helped people in need during the last break for national teams.
Then he paid the salaries of the entire security staff of the Gauchos after the employees have not received their salaries for six months. This is due to the financial revision that is made of the Argentine Football Federation.
The story is told by a Spanish journalist from newspaper Sports who has received information from one of the lucky employees, of which Messi took care of it. Here is what tells it:
`After the match from sport-tips with Colombia is knocking on the door of the locker room and Messi opens. It turns out he is one of the guards, who begs Leo to assist with the words: `You`re captain, you will listen to you. Talk to the Federation, because the situation is tragic, in six months we have not been receiving salaries. and Messi took everything to heart.`
`He calls his father to translate the whole amount to be paid wages for all employees. And the crisis is resolved, as it is not the first such gesture on his part to financially strapped people. He himself, however, definitely does not want to reveal those moments.`, said the journalist.

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