Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The captain of Rayo `threatened` Barcelona

The captain of Rayo Vallecano, Roberto Trashoras, said that the series without a defeat of Barcelona will stop some time and he hopes that it will happen in tomorrow`s match between them.
The Catalans made 34 consecutive matches without a defeat in Spain and could increase the lead ahead of the second-placed Atletico Madrid with 8 points.
`It won`t be easy, but our intention is to go out and confront them with the idea to win.`, said the 35-year-old player.
`Barcelona plays so well right now, but sometime this series will end. I hope this will happen tomorrow at our stadium.`
`Luis Enrique does a great job. His team`s results predicted by sport predictions speak for themselves. After his team lost at the "Anoeta" at the beginning of the season, he was patient and proved pravs. His Barcelona is tough to beat just as much when they were in charge Josep Guardiola and Tito Vianova.`, added Trashoras.

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