Monday, March 28, 2016

Lippi: `The news about Conte will not reflect negatively on Italy.`

Marcello Lippi claimed that the news of the departure of Antonio Conte after Euro 2016 will not have a negative impact on Italy during the tournament.
In the press of the Apennines, there has been speculation that this could be disastrous for the Italians, but the specialist took the country to the world peak is of another opinion.
`Now we can think only of European Championship, Lippi announced in front of Radio RAI.`
`Before the World Cup was announced in front of the Federation, leaving after the tournament, and in the end, you saw what happened. It doesn`t matter whether the coach will leave or not. The team plays the game.`
`I think that the foreigners in the Italian football are many, so I fully understand Conte. It`s not easy to make the right selection for the team, which will play together for years as for me, I will see what happens and whether he will take any team. When I came back from China, I told myself I don`t want to bother with the own team. However, if you receive something interesting, then I will judge.`

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