Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Klopp: `Sorry, but Liverpool does not wish to change Mignolet.`

The manager of Liverpool, Juergen Klopp, said that club does not think to seek out a new titular player and continue to bet on Simon Mignolet.
Before the game from basketball picks against Southampton for the German League Cup assured that coach was pleased with the performances of the Belgian national who is already the third year in a row is number 1.
`Now, it is the appropriate time to talk about goalkeepers in Liverpool.`, reported Klopp. `I am quite satisfied with the situation on this position.`
`We`re not looking for another goalkeeper. We have enough players at the position. I`ve had a lot of goalies in my years of coaching and Simon Mignolet is one of the smartest under my leadership.`
`He is completely opened and young enough to develop, to get better. He was in the simplest situation before I came, but since I`ve been here, there`s nothing to criticize him.`, added the coach.
Mignolet had to endure criticism about his performance against Bordeaux in the Europa League last week. The French then scored after an indirect free kick in the penalty area, measured for the Belgian holding the ball too long.

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