Thursday, November 19, 2015

There is a project for the creation of a new tournament - League Iberia

The professional football leagues of Spain and Portugal are working on a project for the creation of a new tournament mentioned by sport tips - League Iberia. This was announced after a meeting today, the Presidents of the two organizations - Javier Tebas from the Spanish country and the former international referee Pedro Proensa, who leads the Portuguese League.
The press, however, specifies that it`s not about the merging of the two leagues, but rather about creating a tournament mentioned by sport tips to attract sponsors and in cash desks of both organisations to enter a lot more money. Tebas and Proensa have discussed what money should go into the general undertaking to be satisfied with all, and also to remain means and to stimulate the smaller teams.
A major problem may be, however, the fixed calendar of top giants Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Porto and Benfica, which probably won`t be invited along. Tebas and Proensa have agreed that it is yet to be found and a place in the year that would be suitable and interesting for the television.

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