Thursday, June 4, 2015

The boss of football in Australia: The choice of Qatar to host the Mondial was not clean

The President of the Football Federation of Australia Frank Lowry said today that the choice of Qatar to host the World Cup in 2022 and was not clean and add that, in those circumstances, his country would never had a chance. A day after the resignation of Sepp Blatter as President of FIFA, Lowri-one of the richest men in Australia, called for reform and a new path of world football.
Australia was against the common Asian stance that should be voted for Sepp Blatter, and openly supported the Jordanian Prince Ali. `Sepp Blatter`s resignation may open the doors for reforms in FIFA. I say `may`, because the problems are many and are accumulated for decades.`, said Lowry, under whose leadership Australia took only one vote in 2010.
`We made a few mistakes, but it`s definitely Australia will run again and will participate in a fair battle. You shouldn`t have to rely on European consultants. But for this choice I know things that other people do not know and will share them with the people and structures that have relationships, including the US Attorney Michael Garcia.`, Lawrie added.
But for the moment the State refrained from similar ambitions for the new application. The minister of sport, Susan Lee said the Government will support Football Federation when it is sure that there are no financial distortions and taxes are paid correctly and on time.
The country`s police will launch an investigation into the failed application concerned, in order to verify that there are no missing and diverted funds. 32,84 million American dollars (42.5 million Australian dollars) was the state subsidy for the candidacy. As part of the application is the construction of a centre for high sporting achievements in the Caribbean, which are separate $ 500,000, and the structure was planned for Trinidad and Tobago.
`Australia`s sport is a priority and it must be consistent with the participants, fans and the idea of fair competition, and not for individual interests, corruption, and other similar forms, which have no place in society.`, commented the Minister of sport in Australia.

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