Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fencers from Italy, France and Russia in the men\`s foil semi-finals

Some no well known fencers from Italy, France and Russia will fight for the medals in the men`s individual foil at Crystal Hall on Thursday evening, after the seeded on the top dropped one by one.

The Italian youngster Francesco Ingargiola and Alessio Foconi advanced to the first semi-final at 18:15 Baku time,while Timur Arslanov from Russia will face the Frenchman Jean-Paul Tony Helissey in the second semi final according at 18:35.

Ingargiola showed strong nerves on his way to the semis, on which he has beat the more experienced competitors.

"It`s beautiful to represent my country here and bring home a medal, whatever colour it will be", Ingargiola said.

The losers of both semi-finals will get the bronze medals, but Italy will for sure have one fencer in the final. The opponent of Ingargiola is Foconi, no.4 seeded.

Foconi with an experience earlier in the competition oustand his teammate and world junior champion Damiano Rosatelli.

"I will make a huge effort to get into the final. I don`t want to think that I`ve already secured a bronze medal, because I want the gold," Foconi said.

Tony Helissey became a bug bear for the Russian fencers, first defeated the no.2 seeded Timur Safin and then also Dmitry Zherebchenko.

"I will use the time to rest and to calm down in the next two, three hours and then I will come back, refocus and go after the gold medal," the Frenchman said.

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