Monday, May 11, 2015

Rogers: Fabregas was out of control

Liverpool`s manager, Brendan Rogers claimed that Cesc Fabregas was supposed to be expelled for the infringement against Raheem Sterling at the beginning of the derby against Chelsea, finished with 1:1 in the English Premier League.
The midfielder received a yellow card, and after meeting Rogers criticized the referee, he left to continue the duel.
`Fabregas had to be evicted. He was out of control. Yes, it was early in the match, but it doesn`t matter. Definitely a violation deserved a red card.`, said Brandon Rogers.
Liverpool`s manager commented on the lack of enough goals to realize the team`s attackers. `We obviously have a problem throughout the season. The lack of goals hurt us, but the players are doing everything possible. We want to finish the season on a level, but it is clear that we need improvements.`, added Rogers.

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