Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tips For Basketball Betting

That article is not a how-to-bet guide, but exactly the opposite – advices on what a situation to avoid when you make your basketball picks. Probably many of them will sound familiar to you but they will surely help you prevent losing money. Here they are:

 • Build your own discipline. Decide what system to use and stick to it. You have to know your betting limits and not to exceed them;

 • If you lose, never ever try to cover that loss on the same day. The likelihood that your decision is clouded by emotions is huge and that would lead only to more problems for you;

• If possible, avoid matches, in which one team is a huge favourite of the audience. This means that you should not play on the side of the audience, if more than 80% of the people have staked on the particular team. You have the better chance to win if you play in the opposite way. You know that nobody understands the basketball game better than the bookies. And it is obvious that they will not allow paying the 80% winning bets;

• Beware of the so-called chain bets (those are stakes that are connected with each other). This means that you should not bet on the same match using several different betting options. For example, you should not make basketball tips for both the final result and the outcome of the half-time. If you don't win the at the first time, this automatically reduces your chances of winning at the second one;

 • Limit your live score bets to the minimum – normally these create a sense of urgency since the odds are changing constantly. That is the trick of the bookmakers – to change the odds for a short time, so that gives you a temporary feeling that now is the time for placing your bets;

• If some odds (or anything else) seem too good to be true, then they are not real. Probably, just the bookies know something more than you. That is normal, considering that most likely bookmakers have insiders on the staffs of teams from the NBA.

Well, you must agree that your basketball predictions will be the best, when you have done them by yourself. If you think that is a difficult task anyway, you always can use paid tips like - All you need to do is gather some detailed information about the teams and their passing condition. Sources of such data could be various – just do a little research in the internet and you will be soon ready!

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