Monday, November 17, 2014

Online Football Betting – a Step-to-Step Guide For You

For all of you, who are beginners in the field of football betting, is going to present a brief step-to-step guide to using an ordinary betting site. Here is what you should do, when you are done with your football picks and you are ready to place a bet:

1. Register on the site – it is extremely easy and fast process. Find the button ‘register’ or ‘sign up’. The standard window for registration will open. You will enter there your data: name, address, age (required over 18), valid email address, phone number, username and password to log into the site at a later time.

2. Deposit funds – to make a deposit, it is necessary to click on the ‘deposit’ button on the screen. Usually, there is a minimum amount set. After you’ve made the deposit you become eligible for getting the so-called Welcome bonus. That is free money, which is intended for gambling only. In order to get your winnings, gained under that free money, you need to fulfill certain wagering requirements, which you may find in the ‘Terms and conditions’ section on the main website;

3. Placing a bet – here comes the most exciting part. Football is considered the main sport for all punters out there. If you are among them, then you can take advantage of one of those options: to bet before the match or during the match – the so-called live score betting. Both have their pros and cons, so you need to weigh them. However, don’t lose too much time on that. You’d better spend your time on doing some studies on the teams, the leagues and any factors that could influence the game. Such are the weather conditions, the stress experienced by the players, whether they have played recently or not and so on. The list could be comprehensive. And we are sure you may add a lot to it, too. The correct soccer tips are essential when you are going to gamble. Most bookies offer a wide variety of betting variants, regarding both betting options we have previously mentioned.

4. Withdrawal your winning cash – well, that is the most pleasant part, isn’t it? In most cases, you will have to select a banking method. It is usually the same as that used for deposits. A withdrawal by credit or debit cards is the fastest one – it takes 3-4 working days. In addition, e-wallets are secure payment methods which are a good choice as well.

 In case any issues arise meanwhile, you are always free to contact the Customer service team by e-mail, phone or even live chat. Some of the greatest bookmakers offer live stream. Thanks to the contracts with some of the biggest leagues and televisions, the site gives you the opportunity to watch some matches live and to be able to bet at the same time!

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