Friday, October 7, 2016

Dyakov: `We tried to play football.`

The captain of Bulgaria Svetoslav Dyakov admitted the class of France at the world qualification in Paris, won by the hosts with 4:1.
`Clearly, the class of France was serious after they beat us so convincingly. Very light goals, but admitting the France team is extremely strong. The two quick goals that were scored and turned the result mentioned by sport-tips were pretty heavy.`
`We tried to play football. If we kept a little more our head start, then we could develop in another way the game, but it`s hard. It`s tough after a loss.`, he commented.
`The team of France gained confidence in the second half. There was tension with us, we have to work, this is the recipe. I very much hope to show this aggression, desirable, and zeal that we showed today. We were not able to resist, it is important to recover for the next game, which is not of the class of France.`, said Dyakov.

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