Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Raiola: `Fergie just liked players who obey him.`

The Football agent Mino Raiola, who helped the transfer of Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a record amount, spoke to the former manager of the Red Devils, Alex Ferguson. Raiola is loved by players who represents because of the high financial requirements. At the same time, he is not liked by the clubs via basketball picks in which there are his clients.
Mino Raiola talked about his relationship with Ferguson, who did not trust Pogba and gave him no chance for expression at the Old Trafford. The French midfielder was in Juventus in 2012.
`First of all, these are the interests of the player. Perhaps Ferguson likes only those who obey him. I don`t care what kind of image I have. I`m only available to my clients and do everything for their good future.`, said Raiola. The Scottish professional also does not speak highly of the agent of Paul Pogba.
`I didn`t trust him (Raiola) since the moment I met him. There are two or three football agents, who I don`t like. Raiola is one of them.`, said Alex Ferguson, who gave up football in the summer of 2013. United will pay 89 million pounds to Juventus for Pogba`s signature.

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