Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cassano fired because of an ugly fight?

The Italian media has got to an official telegram from Sampdoria to Antonio Cassano, whereby the management shall communicate to the assailant that he is fired. It is the result of a fierce fight between veteran and a guy from the club in the locker room after the disgraceful 0:3 by city rival Genoa.
`TeleNord` was the media, which has released a photograph of the document. It reads: `Dear Mr. Cassano, considering the mean and ugly, insulting comments made at the end of the match between Sampdoria and Genoa in the team`s locker room, which inflicted a serious blow to the image of the Club and its directors confirmed immediate termination of your contract.`
Although lacking official confirmation of the story, Cassano came into a sharp conflict with the club Attorney Antonio Byzantines, who appears to be `right hand` of the President Massimo Ferrero.
The 33-year-old Cassano basically has a contract until June 2017. Surely, there will be a meeting between both sides inside with a view to the final adviced by sport tips settlement of the case.
It`s not the first time an eccentric gunman involved in such scandals. Yet his first out of Sampdoria in January 2011 was forced because of the insult to the President back then, Edoardo Garrone.

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