Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Henderson: `Klopp is not guilty of our injuries.`

The captain of Liverpool, Jordan Henderson, denied the many injuries in the team are the result by sport predictions of heavy training under the guidance of the new manager, Juergen Klopp.
In recent weeks, a number of major players in the team were given various muscle injuries, but according to the English national this is not due to exhaustion.
`I must say honestly, I do not agree with that opinion.`, said Henderson.
`In recent times, we have too many matches, so does when doing such heavy workouts. We are now in the cycle, match, match-recovery-recovery. Most of our training is a tactical target and are quite light.`, explained the English national.
`Klopp works very much on our mental strength and our tactical literacy. During most of the pursuits, he explains what he wants from us, where to stand and what to do.`
Tonight Liverpool is going against Stoke City in the second semi-final of the League Cup after they beat three weeks ago `The Potters` with 1:0 on their terrain.
`The match is crucial for us. Especially against the background of our loss of Aston Villa in the semi-final of the FA Cup last year. Then the pain was great for us, not only because we lost, but we were totally outplayed. We don`t want that to happen again.`, completes Henderson.

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