Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Terry defended Mourinho

Chelsea Captain John Terry has rejected claims that the current poor form is due to the team`s manager, Jose Mourinho, and said that the fault lies with the players.
Terry insisted that the players are on the field and they bear the main responsibility for the unconvincing performance.
`All the players and I can say that we were not good enough.`, said John Terry to reporters and continued: `The responsibility is not of the manager. The players are 100 percent behind him. We are together.`
`He`s the best manager I`ve ever worked with. I`m sure it will turn around the situation.`, said Terry and added:
`Look, it`s very sad to appear charges of rebellion in the locker room. I don`t know what you`re talking about. So you blame the players in dishonesty.`, said John Terry on the occasion of rumors of discontent among the players of Chelsea against Mourinho.
`If I would blame the dishonesty, I think you will be very disappointed and can even take action in Court.`, commented John Terry and said that players giving their all at practice and in games.

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