Saturday, February 24, 2018

Nadal also plans to play pairs in Indian Wells

World number 2 and 16 Grand Slam titles Rafael Nadal plans to take part in the Masters Series tournament pair in March Indian Wells. This is the first event of the highest category of ATP and will be held between 8th and 18th of the third month of the year.

Matador plans to take part in the tandem race as a compatriot Pablo Karenio-Busha.

Apparently, Nadal will seek to accumulate as many minutes as possible on the flooring in the United States after leaving the fourth-final clash against Marin Chilich on the Australian Open at the start of the fifth set. Nadal has been traumatized since October last year by playing only one match in the ATF Finals and dropping out of Brisbane. Last season he lost the final from sport tips of Sam Querry in Acapulco and in Indian Wells was defeated by Roger Federer in the semi-finals. It is in the Mexican city that the great Spa niard will return to the court after the Australian Open.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kuban will forgive $ 600, 000 for his big mouth

The National Basketball Association fined Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Kuban with $ 600, 000 because of his words during an interview that his team would be better off losing their matches by the end of the season. In an interview a few days ago, Kuban said he told some of the players in the team that `the best option for us is now to lose our matches, ` so he wanted to demonstrate how honest he is to his competitors. The League, especially since being led by new commissioner Adam Silver, tries in any way to cause the teams not to lose their matches from footballcapper on purpose. For this reason, Silver introduced a change in the lottery system, defining the order in which the teams choose the draft. The imposed fine of $ 600, 000 is the largest that Kuban has ever received. In 2002 Dallas`s eccentric owner was fined $ 500, 000 for critical comments to former Judge Director Ed Rush. Until now, Kuban has been fined by the League with a total of over $ 2 million, with almost the whole amount due to comments by judges. Dallas has a record of 18 wins and 40 losses since the start of the season and is one of seven teams in the league with 18 or 19 victories since the start of the season.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The union denied planning a boycott despite the stalemate on the market

The Association of Professional Baseball Players (MLBPA) rejected the possibility of a boycott of spring training due to stagnation in the MLB winter market. The union unveiled their official position through a laconic message on social networks. `The latest press releases erroneously claim that the association of players threatens to` boycott `the spring drills, which is not true, and neither the trade union has recommended such a course of action, ` the MLBPA wrote.

The turmoil was created on Friday by topparent Brody van Wagenen. A partner in the Creative Arts Management Agency (CAA) announced in a statement that the lack of enough activity on the part of the clubs from soccer livescore is about to force free agents and their counterparts to take radical measures:

`Players are disappointed. , even if long-term players are angry just as much as jo bseekers, their voices are getting stronger and they are united in a way that has not been seen since 1994. (. . . )It`s a battle that can starthas one, maybe two, and probably also 1200 followers, and may be a boycott of the spring training if the attitude does not change. `

The problem is that dozens of professional baseball players are still unemployed ten days before the start of pre-season training in Florida and Arizona. Among them are many star players such as Ud Darvis, Jake Arietta, JD Martinez, Erik Hosmer, Mike Mustakas, Lance Lynn, Alex Cobb, who were thought to have long since found clubs. But you would not.

There was no strike in baseball in 1994-1995 when, due to the owners` threat of setting a wage ceiling, players stopped playing in August. The then commissioner, Bud Selig, is forced to cancel the World Series, and the dispute was resolved only in April `Since then, MLB has been enjoying labor peace for near ly 23 years.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Emeka Ocharoor returned to the NBA after almost a 5-year break

Center Emeka Okafor, who won the 2005 Rookie of the Year award, returned to the NBA after nearly a 5-year break after signing a 10-day contract with New Orleans Pelicanas. About the last 35-year-old Okafor game by soccer dropping odds in the League in 2013 when he was part of the Washington Wizards team. He was then transferred to the Phoenix Suns team but did not record for the Arizona team because of a series of heavy injuries that did not allow him to play until 2017. In the summer of last year, Okafor announced he is planning a return to the NBA and has played for the team of the Illuminati in the League for Development, recently known as the G-League. Between 2009 and 2012 Okafor played for the New Orleans team, recording a total of 187 fights.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Surprises in the tournament in Taiwan

Last year`s finalist Shuiyun Peng (China) was eliminated in the first round of the women`s tennis tournament in Taiwan with a prize pool of 250, 000 dollars. The Chinese lost by Ana Bogdan (Romania) 4:6, 1:6 in 74 minutes. The Romanian made four breaks in the match and never lost her bidding. The third placed Samantha Stosur (Australia) also left the tournament adviced by paid sport predictions after retreating to Nao Hibino (Japan) with 6:7 (6), 2:6 in 91 minutes.

German Liebitzzichi was ranked in the second round after a success over Usuyuan Zhang (China) with 6:3, 1:6, 7:6 (3).

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Federer may become the oldest champion at the age of 46 years

The winner of the 19 Grand Slam titles Roger Federer is the oldest semi-finalist in the Australian Open for 41 years.

The Maestro is 36 years old, and Ken Rosewell was the top 4 tennis player in Melbourne in 1977. The Australian has reached the semifinals of the first major at the age of 42, and this is his last participation in the penultimate phase of a tournament adviced by contact with best sport picks by the helm.

If Federer wins the title in Melbourne, he will be the oldest champion in 46 years. In the 72nd Ken Rosewell again won the title in Australia at 37 years and 8 months.

The Maestro`s rival in the Australian Open semifinals 2018 is the new rising star Hong Chung, who on his way to eliminating Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rafinha arrived for signing a contract with Inter

The Barcelona`s midfielder Rafinha arrived in Milan to finalize his transfer to the local Inter. The Brazilian landed at Malpensa Airport yesterday and was welcomed by dozens of journalists. But he did not make any comment and went directly into the car waiting for him at the airport. Rafinha will pass medical examinations at Inter`s base tomorrow and then have to sign her contract with the club. He arrives at Giuseppe Meazza for rent until the summer with a mandatory redeeming clause worth 35 million euros.